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Customer Service  

Customer service has always been of utmost importance to SouthernCross. SCA's Mission Statement has incorporated language that reflects the SouthernCross philosophy of customer service. Included in that statement is descriptive verbiage that portrays the service provided by SouthernCross employees. Such words are "highest quality", "affordable", "caring", "compassion", and "understanding adding personal touch".

Customer service is measured through evaluation of responses to written and verbal surveys and procedures for complaint management.

Improving Organizational Performance

The SouthernCross Ambulance Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement plan (QA/QI) is designed to review and evaluate the delivery of safe, efficient and cost effective patient care with the highest level of quality and professionalism in mind. To ensure all patientsí needs are met, protocols, policies, and procedures have been created as guidelines for measuring quality in-patient care and transport management. The QA/QI committee (responsible for the implementation of the QA/QI Plan) includes experienced interdisciplinary patient care providers and administrative team memebers who are committed to quality performance and customer satisfaction.

SouthernCross Ambulance

A QA/QI review process is established and addresses clinical and operational indicators. Information gathering, follow-up procedures, and incident reporting are designed to promote and support system procedure analysis. The objective is to gather information that leads to system analysis and improvements in providing services and delivering patient care. QA/QI is based upon the concept that problems are caused by individuals only 10% of the time and 90% of the time, the problem occurs as a system design flaw or deficiency. The information gathering process and reporting is used to appropriately evaluate system design, policies and procedures, and patient care delivery. All information is reviewed by the QA/QI committee. A summary of information is reported to Administration for review. Confidentiality of information is always maintained.

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